ABE Global

The World’s First Fully Compliant
24/7 Global Securities Exchange

ABE is a global exchange for tokenized assets.  Blending new distributed ledger technology and traditional financial exchange technology, ABE combines the security and reliability of traditional exchanges with the cost savings of distributed ledgers. The ABE exchange uses a unique adaptive auction technology to deliver direct access to global capital markets for 90% less cost and dramatically increased transparency.

Part of building a better exchange is making it safer. While many unlicensed crypto ‘exchanges’ have been hacked with resulting loss to investors, ABE has partnered with global custodians to create a path for regular brokerages and investment management platforms to safely and easily hold tokenized investment instruments.  

For investors:

  • Financial inclusion and regulatory compliance are ABE’s highest values.  We are committed to connecting all investors with a world of opportunity.
  • ABE partners with brokerages, banks, and investment firms to deliver market access to the European Union, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo.
  • We have worked closely with regulators to make sure what we are offering is compliant and legal.

For issuers:

  • With a single compliant registration, ABE enables an STO issuer to connect with billions of investors in Europe, the US, and Asia.  
  • ABE is the only exchange that allows the issuers to control the frequency and structure of their secondary market trading.
  • ABE is open-protocol, and partners with issuers and protocol firms to create the most efficient and productive token offering, whether it is a tokenized stock, bond, REIT, or another asset.

We also know that markets are made and do not happen magically. We partner with liquidity providers to optimize order transparency and pricing stability.

If you would like to learn more and join our waitlist for broker-dealers, or are interested in listing your asset, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.